How Surveillance Secure Franchises Tap the Potential of Cloud Storage for Commercial Security

The cloud enables companies to have managed security solutions without investing in a dedicated data center. With the cloud, organizations can store, process, and access data all from a remote location. Cloud storage is quickly becoming the standard for surveillance needs for commercial businesses across all industries. It delivers the flexibility these companies need for […]

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What Does a Security Integrator Do?

A security integrator is a security professional who helps organizations create a long-term strategy for connecting and managing their security components. Electronic security worldwide is an $80 billion industry that has substantial developments every year, meaning companies need someone to help them integrate all their devices and networks for a comprehensive approach [1].  Businesses of […]

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Recession proof franchise

Tips for Choosing the Right B2B Recession Resistant Franchise Business

Owning a franchise gives you the opportunity to own & run your own business with the training, support, marketing and trusted branding of a company that’s already been established and has a successful track record.  Many forecasters predict an economic recession in the not-so-distant future. While owning your own business can be the pivotal career […]

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Looking at Franchise Options? Why a Commercial Security Franchise May Be the Perfect Fit

If you are an investor looking into franchise options, you probably don’t need a lot of convincing to recognize that this is the best time to own a commercial security business. People are more anxious about personal safety than ever before. Businesses, schools, and other facilities have concerns about access control, active shooters, and other […]

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Do I Need to Be a Technology Expert to Own a Security Business?

Security is fast-growing industry, and competition can be tough. Businesses of all sizes need ways to protect their employees and their assets from crime, including violence and theft. Their needs create more opportunities every day for people to start their own security company. While you need to have some skills, you don’t have to be […]

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