Do I Need to Be a Technology Expert to Own a Security Business?

Do I Need to Be a Technology Expert to Own a Security Business?

Security is fast-growing industry, and competition can be tough. Businesses of all sizes need ways to protect their employees and their assets from crime, including violence and theft. Their needs create more opportunities every day for people to start their own security company.

While you need to have some skills, you don’t have to be an expect at technology to own a security business. People who own security companies are required to play many roles, including consultant, educator, and student.

Security knowledge alone is only a part of what you need to succeed. Here are a few skills besides technology expertise that are helpful for you to have.

Have People (Communication) Skills

 One of the biggest skills people in any profession need to have is communication skills. You need to know how to effectively communicate with people, how to market yourself, and how to convey your knowledge in order to be successful in your new business.

Focusing solely on technical skills isn’t a substitute for being able to relate to people and provide the type of personal attention and friendliness people enjoy about working with others. If you know communication isn’t one of your strengths, consider taking a class or a seminar on how to more effectively communicate with others.

 Understand How a Business Works

Having some knowledge or experience in how a business works is important. You need to be able to understand how your company makes its money and be aware of the factors that can compromise your success.

You need to create a business model and have a plan for the future, including for your marketing, your growth, and your knowledge and skills and those of your employees. This is one skill that’s more influential than your technical skills when it comes to owning a security company!

 Be a Creative Problem-Solver

 Problem solving is also an excellent skill to have. Solving problems by customizing solutions that work for your clients is going to help grow your business and improve your client relationships.

Part of this skill is being creative enough to tackle a problem from different angles to identify the root cause of the issue. While you may not have all the skills to solve a problem immediately, you have the ability to figure it out. Be able to think on your feet—this is where your communication and technical skills will merge to create efficiency.

 Always Stay Open to Learning

 Technology is always changing and requires that you and your employees stay updated on current technology and future trends. Cultivate a culture of learning in your company. Technology is going to change and so is the way that your customers protect their assets, so you need to be there changing along with them.

By being open to learning and growth, you can establish a successful security company even without being a technology expert.

 Competing in the Security Industry

 The security industry is an excellent place to start a business, but good talent is hard to come by. No matter how good your technical skills are, remember that they aren’t all you need to compete. By being able to communicate, having a business plan, and being a problem solver who continues to learn, you can create a successful security company for the long run!

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