How Surveillance Secure Franchises Tap the Potential of Cloud Storage for Commercial Security

How Surveillance Secure Franchises Tap the Potential of Cloud Storage for Commercial Security

The cloud enables companies to have managed security solutions without investing in a dedicated data center. With the cloud, organizations can store, process, and access data all from a remote location.

Cloud storage is quickly becoming the standard for surveillance needs for commercial businesses across all industries. It delivers the flexibility these companies need for their current and future goals, and transfers management of their data to an outside provider.

Having a commercial security company means you can deliver these cloud storage solutions to businesses that expect data management with their surveillance setup. Here’s how Surveillance Secure franchises tap the potential of cloud storage for commercial security solutions.

Clients Are Moving to the Cloud for Easier Management and Better Security

Data management allows businesses to have provider support to minimize their security risks and improve efficiency with the cloud. Many commercial companies today are moving away from on-site data storage and investing in cloud storage because of the benefits it offers.

The cloud allows for easier management since the provider handles the solutions, and the cloud offers more enhanced security than a physical storage location. Cloud solutions also allow companies to have 24/7 access to their footage from any location with an internet connection.

Cloud storage is efficient for small businesses as well as large-scale security settings, making it a dynamic yet comprehensive set up for companies of all sizes with a diverse range of security needs [1].

Less On-Site Hardware and Configuration Needed

Companies are attracted to cloud solutions in part because of the minimal on-site hardware needed. Cloud storage is also scalable, and any time a new device or more storage is needed, it’s easy to add on without extensive configurations to existing hardware and software.

In fact, Surveillance Secure franchises can help these businesses integrate different types of technology into one centralized solution. These streamlined technologies not only make data and hardware management easier, but provide adaptability for businesses that experience rapid growth or need to scale back.

These highly scalable yet secure solutions have the ability to meet the security needs of a variety of commercial companies, allowing you to deliver on cloud storage needs across different industries [2].

The Cloud Provides Strong Opportunity for Recurring Revenue

As a commercial security company, you would be responsible for managing the cloud solutions of a business’ security, allowing you to provide support and updates to meet their security needs and increase efficiency. This type of setup is ideal for businesses that don’t have an in-house team to handle their security requirements.

Clients have to pay for video storage and also add-ons such as analytics, which provides a strong opportunity for recurring revenue for you. However, the cloud features cost benefits for companies and is constantly growing, which can ultimately help lower the cost of hardware over time, allowing these organizations to invest in more features with the cloud [3].

Leverage the Potential of Cloud Storage for Building Your Surveillance Secure Business!

If you’ve been considering opening a commercial security business, now is an excellent time to do so. With all the benefits of the cloud for companies and the potential for recurring revenue for you as a security provider, you can see strong future growth while helping these businesses meet their security needs. Contact us at Surveillance Secure today to inquire about opening up your own franchise at (877) 405-4997!



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