How to Start a Security Company

How to Start a Security Company

More businesses are concerned about security today than ever before, and the demand for the design, installation and networking of the right security technology has grown immensely. Business owners need the ability to monitor and protect their assets as well as their employees to ensure safety.

Private security companies have stepped up to provide comprehensive services to address the complex needs of commercial businesses wanting to enhance their security.

Starting a security company can be a positive career change and an investment into your future that helps meet the growing demands of commercial businesses, all while allowing you to become a business owner and be your own boss.

How can you go about starting a security company? Here are a few things you’ll need to consider before starting your own security business.

Define Your Business Plan

Security is a highly competitive business. Many people who consider starting a security company don’t have a business plan and so they aren’t able to compete with companies that have a strategy for success and understand the needs of their customers.

It helps to have some background or knowledge of security in order to create a smart business plan; however, this isn’t strictly necessary. You can still define a solid business strategy without extensive experience in private security.

You’ll also need to know what your focus is as there are many types of security. People will want to know if you provide cybersecurity, physical security personnel, surveillance video solutions, access control systems, video analytics or all of the above.

Meet Licensing Requirements of Your State

You’ll be required to meet the licensing requirements of your state when starting a security business. These requirements will vary by state, but by obtaining the necessary permits or training, you can ensure your business is ready to provide services to customers.

Research exactly what your state requirements are for launching a security business. There may be training, fees, or permits associated with starting this type of company in your area. Additionally, you and your team members may be required to undergo background and drug tests.

Knowing what you need before you get started will help you better allocate your finances and adjust your business plan accordingly.

Have the Necessary Funds or Ability to Secure Funding

Speaking of funds, starting a security business requires a certain amount of liquid capital to start, just like any other business. You may have the funds to invest in the business yourself, or you may need to secure funding through a loan.

Knowing how much it costs to start a security company can help you determine if you’ll be able to move forward without a lender or if you’ll need to investigate your loan options before actually starting your business.

When examining your potential costs for your security business plan, you’ll need to consider some of the following:

  • Do I need an office of can I work out of my home, or from an office-sharing location?
  • What equipment and related inventory will I need?
  • How many employees will I need, and will they be full or part-time? Are you providing uniforms?
  • Do I need a company vehicle? If so, which is the right vehicle for your security business and what does it cost to buy vs lease?
  • What initial and ongoing professional support services will my security business need? Accounting, legal, insurance, credit card processing, banking, marketing, etc.

Even if you don’t have the funds right now, you can still create a business strategy—this will be particularly helpful if you require the help of lenders to get started, as they’ll want to see you have a plan for your success.

Getting Clients

Part of having a good business strategy is knowing how you’ll market your business—which is where defining your niche comes in—and how customers will find you.

It’s no longer an option to go without a website, especially when it comes to marketing. The internet is where customers will search for and find your company. Consider how you’ll handle your online marketing to get clients in your area.

By defining a niche, you can increase the likelihood that you’ll get clients instead of trying to be everything to everyone right out of the gate.

To be effective in marketing your security business online, you’ll need

  • A professional website
  • An advertising plan & budget
  • Ability to blog or write ongoing content for your website
  • Social media properties and regular posting of new content

Consider Choosing a Security Franchise

When you take advantage of a franchise opportunity to start your security business, you can become an independent business owner faster and have the full support of an established brand.

Starting a franchise is usually easier and more cost-effective than trying to launch a security business on your own, which means you’ll be able to not only start your business sooner, but have a greater chance of success in the long run.

By considering opening a Surveillance Secure franchise, you can start your own security company faster and create a sustainable and successful business with the right resources!

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