Surveillance Secure Franchises offer the best-in-class security technology to deliver on the specific security requirements for business clients. Our comprehensive security services ensure the optimal security solution, and include the design, installation, configuration and ongoing support.

Surveillance Cameras

Clients of Surveillance Secure has a diverse range of requirements for their security camera systems, which is why we offer a full suite of surveillance camera technology. The environment, lighting, distance, recording requirements and other factors all need to be taken into account when proposing the right surveillance video system, so our clients are able to monitor and respond to situations and events more effectively.

Access Control Systems

We secure entrances and exits to perimeter control systems and access to restricted areas inside of a building, Surveillance Secure can help you to regulate traffic flow. These access control systems are scalable so you can grow your business and have your system grow with you, and they are flexible enough to integrate with your existing security system.

Video Analytics

Business clients of Surveillance Secure are looking to gain gain actionable intelligence as well as real-time notifications from their security camera systems with Video Analytics.

We increase the value of video surveillance systems with enterprise-grade analytics.

Video & Alarm Monitoring

24/7 alarm and video monitoring from Surveillance Secure provides the ‘eyes-on’ piece of mind that our clients want and need.

Vehicle GPS Tracking

With GPS tracking and vehicle video systems providing security and enhanced efficiency, business owners get complete transparency and can manage drivers and vehicles more effectively. Greater insight allows greater management of fuel costs, route planning and time on-site at a client’s location.

Cloud Storage & Online System Management

Cloud storage for surveillance video footage not only reduces the cost burden on clients’ facilities, but also ensures that the recordings survive should an unforeseen event or disaster damage cameras, computers, or the facility itself.

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