Surveillance Secure Franchise Owners Benefit from Fragmented Industry Competition

Surveillance Secure Franchise Owners Benefit from Fragmented Industry Competition

One of the main opportunities for our franchise owners in the commercial electronic security industry that surveillance secure’s model positions then to take advantage of fragmented competition.

We’ve experienced first-hand that a large portion of the competition in our industry is significantly fragmented. On the lower end we see a lot of competition being what we would often term ‘two guys in a truck’ who are independent operators that are more transactional focused, rather than building long-term relationships with customers.

Then you have middle-of-the-field competitors where they will say they often do residential commercial and many other services, in addition to commercial security, which doesn’t bode well for customers looking for professional and dependable commercial security firms. Surveillance Secure’s model for our franchise owners is solely B2B, not residential.

Another competitor segment are the larger national competitors, where while they have brand recognition, they will often only accept projects that are worth their time, rather than focusing on the needs of the individual customer and taking a long-term view. Surveillance Secure will meet the needs of customers in our targeted industry verticals, whether for 2 cameras or 200, with the goal of building relationships.

If you’re looking at the right business ownership opportunity and wondering if Surveillance Secure is the right franchise is for you, we encourage you to learn more request more information and contact us to talk with our team today.

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