Surveillance Secure Franchise Owners Capitalize on Fragmented Industry Competition

Surveillance Secure Franchise Owners Capitalize on Fragmented Industry Competition

For Surveillance Secure franchise owners, fragmentation equals opportunity. Electronic security is a burgeoning industry, and while there is no dominant player, there are many small players taking small chunks of business.

In many industries, this means that no one is doing anything particularly outstanding. Otherwise, one or more dominant players would have likely already emerged.

Franchises that succeed often capitalize on market fragmentation. Blockbuster Video, while ultimately crumbling due to a failure to adapt, is a great example. Prior to Blockbuster’s domination of the video rental market, there were numerous movie rental shops, from your local corner store to businesses dedicated just to rentals. Blockbuster recognized the opportunity to take significant market share by providing a better experience. Larger stores offering better inventory in terms of both volume and variety, immediate access to new releases, and convenient locations led to total domination.

Now, what happens next when one or more dominant players emerge in a fragmented market is consolidation. The industry may still be growing, like electronic security, but the number of businesses competing starts to shrink. Winners emerge and are able to take advantage of less competition.

Surveillance Secure has its sights set on being a big winner in the commercial electronic security industry. They’ve built their success thus far on not being just another electronic security vendor (akin to the many “vendors” for movie rentals in the Blockbuster example above), but a trusted security partner that clients go back to again and again as they adapt to changing conditions and grow their footprint.

Electronic security for homes already experienced consolidation and the major players are household names. Everyone knows ADT, and the DIY systems like Nest and Ring are hard to miss. But what about the commercial electronic security landscape?

Sure, there are some major players that compete for the biggest projects in the land, but the small and medium-sized projects are dominated by no one in particular. Many (too many to count) small companies offer these services yet nobody has emerged as the go-to trusted brand. In other words, it’s very competitive, but nobody is doing it particularly well.

That’s where Surveillance Secure seizes opportunity. There is no shortage of small competitors in the space that will sell and install commercial security systems. It’s a highly competitive market. That’s a clear positive as we know there’s a reason that so many people are trying to compete for business: it’s lucrative. But in market analyses across the entire country, we see the same thing again and again. The market standard is slow response times, poor customer service, and transactional relationships. They’re filling orders rather than customizing solutions to the actual problems clients are experiencing.

Surveillance Secure separates itself by being a custom electronic security integrator held to the highest standards of service. It prides itself on a consultative approach, where solutions are offered to problems, rather than just selling and installing equipment. Franchise owners take advantage of the economies of scale already established, even though they’re just starting out so they can compete favorably on pricing against any competitor. Being an integrator rather than an equipment sales company means each client gets a unique solution to their own unique problems, and Surveillance Secure makes sure everything is working for the client with ongoing service provided.

But this isn’t simply theoretical. The proof is in the numbers. Surveillance Secure has seen double-digit % sales growth Year over Year since 2016 (as disclosed in Item 19 of the current FDD) with over $2.2 Million in gross sales from the company owned location in 2019.

So will Surveillance Secure be the next Blockbuster? In some ways, yes. It has the potential to dominate a very fragmented, but lucrative industry that will eventually consolidate. And some ways, no. Blockbuster failed because it was unable to adapt to evolving technology and consumer preferences. Surveillance Secure integrates technology from top vendors, but is not reliant on proprietary technology that may become obsolete in 6 months. As technology evolves, Surveillance Secure will evolve with it, and continue to be able to offer the best possible solutions to clients.

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