Top Reasons Why 2019 Is a Great Year to Start a Commercial Security Business

Top Reasons Why 2019 Is a Great Year to Start a Commercial Security Business

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Are you considering starting a security business? 2019 is the perfect time to get your company off the ground and become your own boss.

Business owners today want to be proactive about keeping their property and their employees safe. Part of that protection is implementing impactful security solutions for their company that helps prevent damage and can even help save lives.

You can be part of the solution businesses all over the nation are looking for by providing commercial security expertise. Here are the top reasons why 2019 is a great year to start a commercial security business!

Commercial Electronic Security Is Recession Resistant

The electronic security industry is an excellent business to be in for the 2019 year and beyond. Even in an economic recession, business owners need to protect their assets and keep their property safe, and that need for security is only growing among organizations of all sizes.

In times of economic hardships, theft and robberies increase, so having a reliable electronic security system is a must [1]. Commercial security has become an essential component of monitoring POS transactions, employee safety, and preventing theft, and companies are seeking customized solutions for their asset protection and peace of mind.

Businesses Are Upgrading Their Security for Better Solutions

Commercial business owners want integrated security solutions that incorporate the latest technology to benefit their company. However, they also want technology that’s easy to use. Many business owners are switching to cloud storage solutions for simpler and more effective video surveillance and access control [2].

As a commercial security company, you can assist commercial clients with these upgrades, giving them the seamless solutions they need for their company while seeing recurring revenue opportunities for your business. The need for cloud-based security solutions and integrated surveillance systems is expected to increase throughout 2019 and the years ahead.

Increasing Demand for Video Analytic Solutions

2019 has seen an increasing demand for video analytic solutions, such as facial recognition, smoke detection, gunshot detection, perimeter detection, and suspicious behavior. The demand for video analytics is only expected to increase in the coming years [3].

Applying video analytics to surveillance can help shorten response times to critical incidents, some of which can be life-threatening such as a robbery or a fire. With customized video analytics, businesses can protect their assets, save lives, and limit damages.

Commercial security companies provide the video analytics organizations need to protect their assets and their employees from harm. Businesses of all sizes today are seeking video analytics to protect their business!

Starting a Commercial Security Company

If you’re considering starting a commercial security business, the time to do so is now. Own your own business and become an integral part of what keeps businesses in the nation safe from disasters and theft.

Surveillance Secure is now offering franchise opportunities nationwide. Find out more information about starting a Surveillance Secure franchise by calling (877) 405-4997!



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