What Does a Security Integrator Do?

What Does a Security Integrator Do?

A security integrator is a security professional who helps organizations create a long-term strategy for connecting and managing their security components.

Electronic security worldwide is an $80 billion industry that has substantial developments every year, meaning companies need someone to help them integrate all their devices and networks for a comprehensive approach [1]

Businesses of all sizes today have different security components which require individual management, updates, and maintenance. Having a mix of devices and systems can generate higher costs for maintenance, and lost hours on individually maintaining each separate system.

When these businesses take advantage of a security integrator, they can connect their systems to attain a simplistic approach to multiple systems such as video surveillance, access control, threat alerts, networks, and more.

Some businesses work with a security company thinking they’ll automatically do this, but a security integrator is different. So what exactly does a security integrator do?

Simplify the Security Management Process

 These professionals simplify the security management process for organizations and support their security systems throughout their lifecycles by:

  • Assessing risk. A security integrator reviews all the systems a business has, or assesses their risk in order to develop a new system. Risk assessment is essential to developing the most effective integrated security setup for a business [2].
  • Designing a system and recommending specific technologies. Some companies will only need help integrating their existing systems while others may benefit from an entirely new setup with more appropriate technologies.
  • Conducting maintenance and updates as needed. Part of what a security integrator does is continue to maintain the security systems for streamlined operations and success for an organization.

Creating a wholly functioning system supports a business’ productivity and security. Many security integrators are known for their quality services and long-term investment into their clients.

Allow Companies to Get Better Value for Their Dollar

A security integrator’s solutions are designed to create one interconnected unit, reducing the need for the maintenance and staff training that comes with separate systems.

Companies can’t function solely on vendor input for their security systems—most organizations work with different vendors for different technologies, eventually ending up with a system that doesn’t have the integrated features they need to support their goals.

By assessing risk and creating a cost-effective implementation plan, the solutions a security integrator recommends are an investment into the long-term success of a company.

Many security integrators also provide clients with a phased-in security approach, which gives smaller firms a way to budget their technologies and give their team time to adjust to the new setup.

A security integrator can recommend multiple technologies to create a custom design that could include network security, cyber security, hardware, software, and more.

Security Integrators Are Growing in Demand

Security risks are constantly fluctuating for today’s businesses, and having the outside perspective of an experienced professional can be hugely helpful. 

Security integrators play an essential role in helping organizations build a security plan that addresses all their concerns. For companies of all sizes, partnering with a full-service security integrator can help them better manage their systems at a lower cost.

Integrators also provide consistency and communication, preventing the confusion and hassle that can come with having multiple vendors. Security integrators provide the skill, knowledge, and creativity that companies need today for effective security solutions. 

The market for security integrators is growing, and the nation’s largest security integrators grew their revenue by a minimum of 14 percent in 2018 [3]. More businesses are realizing the value security integrators provide as opposed to working with a security company alone.

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